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With a portfolio of hotels spanning multiple markets and a strategic plan to aggregate up to $1.5 billion in middle-market hotels, Caliber Hospitality Trust is poised for growth and success.

Our mission is to acquire undervalued hotels with stable demand and high barriers to entry. The key benefits of our preferred equity offering include preferred status, cash dividends, and steady income. Investors can earn distributions with the following two options:  Option 1 offers a combined fixed yield of 12% through quarterly cash yield and annualized accrued paid-in-kind (PIK) distribution. Additionally, our preferred equity automatically converts to common shares at IPO, and holders have the option to exercise a 5% penny warrant. Option 2 offers a yield in cash of 12% annualized and paid quarterly.


Preferred Status

Preferred Status grants your clients prioritized dividend payments and asset distribution in the event of a liquidation. This means they have a higher priority claim on profits and assets than common equity holders, providing enhanced protection for their investment.

High Fixed Yield

High Fixed Yield in the offering gives you the opportunity to earn distribution two ways with a combined fixed yield of 12% or 12% cash dividend. The combined fixed yield is achieved through a combination of 6% cash payments – quarterly and 6% annualized accrued Paid-In-Kind (PIK) distribution in CHT Preferred Stock. The 12% cash dividend – quarterly and annualized. Both offer a predictable and attractive return on their investment.

Preservation & Growth

Preservation & Growth allows clients to benefit from steady income and potential capital appreciation. Our offering is backed by a diversified portfolio of 42 hotels across 18 targeted markets. It provides the potential for long-term growth, allowing clients to preserve their capital while participating in the upside of the hospitality industry.

Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access presents a unique pre-IPO investment opportunity. With limited access between a large family office (Series A) and an institutional raise (Series C), your clients can participate in an investment opportunity typically reserved for a select group of experienced investors. This exclusivity adds another layer of potential value.

Our preferred equity offering provides investors with a compelling value proposition by combining preferred status, a high yield, preservation and growth potential, and exclusive access. It empowers your clients to prioritize dividends and asset distribution, earn an attractive yield, and preserve capital while participating in potential appreciation while securing an exclusive opportunity in the pre-IPO stage.

Offering Overview

Expiration - July 31, 2024








At Caliber Hospitality Trust (CHT), we offer a unique investment opportunity for individuals looking to capitalize on the current market conditions in the hospitality industry. Here's how our preferred equity offering works:

  1. Who We Are: Caliber Hospitality Trust (CHT) is an innovative and diversified private hospitality company formed by CaliberCos Inc. (CWD) with the aim of acquiring hotels at discounted valuations resulting from the pandemic. Our dynamic and agile business model is designed for growth across segments, brands, and geographies. In attractive locations, we target middle-market full-service, select service, extended stay, and lifestyle hotels.
  2. . Current Market Conditions: There is limited access to pre-IPO investment opportunities in the current market. However, with our preferred equity offering, investors can access this opportunity positioned between a large family office investment and an institutional raise. Many hotel owners/operators are facing financial distress due to the crisis, and our business model offers a win-win solution by providing capital to these owners while enabling our investors to protect their portfolios and generate returns. We leverage our deep industry relationships to tap into proprietary deal flow, offering an elegant solution to a significant problem.
  3. Capitalizing on Market Opportunities: Our preferred equity offering allows investors to capitalize on market opportunities in the hospitality industry. We aim to create a Middle-Market REIT that aggregates and elevates various types of hotels. By building a broad and diversified portfolio of hotels, we aim to protect against unpredictable events, ensuring a resilient investment. With an estimated $19 billion addressable market* comprising 4,650 properties in 18 targeted areas, our opportunistic and scalable approach is not limited by brand, market segment, or geography. We seek to optimize returns through improved operating efficiencies and economies of scale, supported by superior data analytics that drive informed decision-making.

*Source: CoStar - Total Market Inventory by Revenue Attained over Trailing 12 Months

Objective: Access untapped middle-market hotel assets and ownership, earn passive income, earn long-term gains, and acquire diversified hospitality assets to offset black swan market events.

Diversified Hotel Assets: Our current hotel portfolio holds major brands such as Hilton, Marriot, IHG Hotel and Resort, and the subsidiaries under each brand.

Target Audience: Investors looking for income-producing and long-term capital growth opportunities that aim to diversify and strengthen their estate planning objectives using alternative commercial real estate assets, particularly in the hospitality and boutique hotel industry.


INVESTOR Considerations

Below are selected risk factors associated with an investment in the Caliber Hospitality Trust, Inc. Class B Preferred Stock.

  • Investments in Caliber private placements can lose entire value, are illiquid and are speculative.
  • Investment involves high degree of risk; limited liquidity; no public market; suitable only for sophisticated investors;
  • Investment strategy is speculative; returns are not guaranteed and no assurance objectives will be achieved;
  • May pay distributions and fund redemptions from borrowings, Offering proceeds, or asset sales with no limits on amounts it may pay from such sources;
  • May invest in securities that involve a higher degree of risk or have valuations that fluctuate dramatically;
  • Access to debt financing may be limited and subject to rate increases, restrictive covenants, or untimely repayment obligations;
  • Involves unique risks associated with real estate investment, including competition for tenants, interest rate risk, occupancy issues, insurance risks, inflation risk, among others.;
  • Offering is not contingent on a minimum capital raise;
  • Multiple conflicts of interest, including compensation arrangements, incentive fee structures, positions held with affiliated entities, co-ownership arrangements, and the purchase of and allocation of investment opportunities;
  • COVID-19 could have a material impact on the Fund’s investments and operations.

For a more complete discussion of risk factors, view the in the Caliber Hospitality Trust, Inc. Class B & Class C Preferred Stock



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